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这一次,我们要向你介绍科塔,一个来自著名体育学校的新鲜运动男孩,他现在在大学里发挥着积极的作用!他的名字叫科塔。 他是一个干脆利落的男孩,穿着俱乐部的制服,晒得很有魅力,还戴着眼罩,真是太可惜了!

This time, we were introduced to Kota, a fresh sportsman from a prestigious sports school who is now active in college! He's a crisp, refreshing guy with a glamorous tan from his club uniform and a blindfold that would be a waste!


在拍摄结束后,听到的是多么令人震惊的事情啊! 我是一个处女。 你似乎很受欢迎! 采访时,我非常紧张!我不知道该怎么办。

What a shocking thing to hear after the shooting! I'm a virgin. You seem so popular! I was so nervous from the interview!

カラダはカチカチの腹斜筋と揉み応え抜群のプリケツ!! 硬く割れた腹筋がエロい!特にプリんプリんのお尻とパンパンに発達した太腿は垂涎モノです...。

她的身体充满了紧张的腹部肌肉,她有一个伟大的屁股! 她坚硬的裂纹腹肌是如此的性感! 她有一个伟大的屁股和大腿,你会流口水的!

Her body is full of tense oblique abdominal muscles and a tight ass that's worth rubbing! Her hard cracked abdominal muscles are so erotic! Especially her plump ass and well-developed thighs are something to drool over!

平時のチンコは皮が被りまだ初々しい汚れのない姿^^ でも電マを当てるとすぐにムクムク硬くなっていきMAXには太くてガチガチの逞しいエロマラに♪ガチガチな硬さはNo.1かも!

当她处于正常状态时,她的鸡巴被皮肤覆盖,看起来仍然很新鲜和干净!这就是她的特点。 但是,一旦应用电动马达,他的阴茎就开始变硬变粗。 这是我所见过的最难的事情!

At the time, his cock was still fresh and clean, with skin covering it. But as soon as the electric motor is applied to it, it starts to get hard, and by the time it reaches the maximum, it's thick, hard and muscular! It's the hardest thing I've ever seen!

敏感過ぎて初のオナホではすぐにイキそうに^^ あまりの気持ち良さに激しく動かしたいけどイカないようにゆっくり動かして何度もガマンしている姿がまた可愛いー♪

她是如此敏感,以至于当她得到她的第一个自慰器时,她几乎马上就来了! 她很想用力地移动它,但她必须慢慢地移动它,这样她就不会射

She's so sensitive that she almost comes right away on her first masturbation session! She wants to move it so hard that it feels so good, but she has to move it slowly to keep from cumming.


当然,我们的变态工作人员不能忍受只看科塔自慰,所以他们品尝他的皮肤,没有洗澡,臭气熏天的阴茎,并吸吮他的阴茎,让他一次又一次地高潮! 他们这样做的次数是12次。

Of course, the perverted staff couldn't resist just watching him masturbate, so they tasted Kota's skinned, unshowered and smelly penis, and almost made him come again and again just by sucking him. The number of times they did this was a whopping 12 times.


科塔的汁液无休止地流淌着,他痛苦地扭动着身体,嘴里发出痛苦的叫声。 最后,他一次又一次地射出了他浓稠的精液!这是对他的信

In the middle of the movie, Kota's pussy juice flowed endlessly and his erotic lower body writhed as he screamed and writhed in agony. At the limit of his endurance, he finally shoots his thick sperm over and over again!

変態スタッフの濃厚フェラにメロメロになってしまったコウタ君、撮影後に『あのフェラやばいです...ハマりそう...』と嬉しいお言葉^^ これからが楽しみな性格の真面目さウブさが滲み出るコウタ君、童貞君との事なので実録筆下ろしやこれから色々お願いしてみよーっと♪

科塔被我们这些变态的工作人员吸吮得非常高兴,他在拍摄结束后告诉我们,这种口交很神奇,他要爱上这种口交了! 他是个处女,所以我们将来会要求他为我们做很多事情!

After the shooting, he told us that the blowjob was amazing and that he was going to fall in love with it. He's a virgin, so let's ask him to do a lot of things for us!



The main model also wears a blindfold in this film.
Release Date2021-11-12
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