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Chakra Cum 3: Throat Deepthroat Cum

Levy Foxx, the yoga master, is back in his studio with new student Jack Hunter. Bearded and muscular, Jack hears from Levy that his blue chakra ruling the throat is very strong. Levy lets his hand drift down from pointing out the throat chakra and rubs Jack's built pecs. Soon they are making out. Levy drops his drawers and Jack gets a good taste of yoga master booty, licking and sucking his butthole. A slick finger follows and opens Levy up, then it's an easy slide to pop his hard raw cock into the master.

Levy groans with pleasure as his hole fills up with jack's thick meat. "Fuck yeah!" the student whispers as Levy grips the floor for dear life. He grabs Levy by both hips and drives in deep. Jack lies on the floor and gives his horny teacher the cock ride of his life, the yoga master bearing down to feel every inch. Things get acrobatic when Jack picks up upside-down Levy and they perform a new yoga pose that must be called "the standing 69". Jack plugs Levy's cock-starved throat with his dick, elicits a gag and a gurgle. With one hand on the base of Jack's prong, Levy takes it all the way down then gasps for breath. Taking things in his own hands, Jack milks out a creamy load onto Levy's face, wipes the cum on his dickhead and fucks it down into Levy's blue throat chakra. "Good job, your blue chakra is cleared to the throat." Levy advises.
Release Date2021-02-16