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Introducing Trevor Northman

Trevor is the latest addition to Peter Fever, and oh what an addition he is! Trevor comes across as a bit shy at first, but as you get to know him a little better, you'll see that there's a naughty side to this stud. He loves showing off his bulging muscles and wants every eye in the room on him. That's never a problem because when he dresses to show off his body, men and women all turn to look at him walk on by. You'll get to know this hunky stud as he peels off his clothes and hops in the pool for a photo shoot. Floating around and having to stay horny in the sun can be hard work but luckily there's a reprieve for Trevor. When he's done with our shoot, he gets to take one last dip in the pool before he pulls down his shorts and gets to work spanking his cock. Trevor takes his time working his swollen dick, playing with his cock ring, and feeling his ripped body. Trevor stares into the camera, daring you to join in before he turns around to show off his tight smooth hole. He continues to pound away until he lets out one final moan and sprays an extra thick load all over his well worked abs and pecs. He rubs his fresh jizz into his hard muscles and gives a wink and a kiss to sign off from a job well done.
Release Date2018-09-14