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Beach Recreation

The sporty Asian fuckboys of PeterFever East have another athletic recreation under their belts. This time it's a beach outing that gets their sexual motors in gear. Muscular Ryuji jogs down the waterline with Fuji, then does a set of situps in the sand with his new bud. They dip into the cool spring waters of Japan and share a kiss. Back at home in the shower, they lather up each others' tight bodies with extra attention around the swelling crotches. Fuji's upright stiffy would be dangerous if he were a few inches taller and it poked up into topman Ryuji's asscrack, instead of between his muscular thighs.

Clean and dried off the Tokyo studs lock in a tight embrace, with Ryuji getting a good feel of Fuji's tight butt. He fucks his hard tool down Fuji's hungry throat. He deepthroats Fuji and gives his ass a little lick, then the guys 69. Ready for some anal action? Fuji sure is, especially when Ryuji opens him up with three fingers then plows his cock in. He lets his saliva drip down into Fuji's eagerly open mouth as he's slamming the young stud's hole. When Fuji mounts his butt onto Ryuji's pumping cock things start heating up. Their bodies slap together as Ryuji pounds in hard and fast. When he pulls out Fuji is getting ready to spray his load across his lean young chest. Ryuji follows with a hot sticky wad that glazes Fuji's cheeks and chin.
Release Date2020-06-09