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Black Panda's Hottest Moments

Boy, are these times crying out for a hot superhero? Revisit the sexiest hookups of the Panda Brotherhood in this ball-draining cum-pilation. First, gorgeous ebony prince Osiris Blade brings the sweet chocolate lovin' to Asian beauties Ken Ott and Levy Foxx. Their threeway cross-cultural hookup heats up with Ken and Osiris gang banging Levy's hungry little hole and ends with Osiris' long thick rod spewing a sticky reward and Ken and Levy both spraying his face with hot creamy Panda juice.

The Black Panda himself, Alex Chu, takes on the dastardly agents of chaos portrayed by tatted muscleman Sean Duran and bronzed beauty Bryce Evans and makes them spew their right-wing sperm. Their hunt for the secret of peckeranium leads them to offer their cocks and asses in service of procuring the magical substance. Alex and Sean take turns ramming their dicks into agent Bryce and the floor ends up sticky with spooge. We get to watch Luscious Ken Ott taking up the challenge and gives up his gorgeous booty to Duran in a storage closet. Finally Osiris plows dickhungry Levy on a couch, Ken sucks Bryce in an office, and our nuttbusting heroes prove once and for all that "sexy" cums in all sizes, shapes and colors.
Release Date2020-06-16