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Cock Box Blindfold

Jessie Lee is fresh out of the shower and getting ready for bed when Trevor Northman comes knocking at the door. Trevor says that he's doing the "black box challenge" where people try to get through everyday tasks blindfolded. He's here to have hot sex with his boyfriend without ever taking off the blindfold.

Jessie helps Trevor out of his clothes and drops his towel. Trevor doesn't need to see a thing with a hot juicy cock popping up into his face, and instinctively starts sucking. Jessie gives him a kiss to keep him up and horny, sends him back to work on that cock some more.

With Trevor kneeling on the ottoman bench, Jessie goes in to lick his sexy bronzed ass. Trevor squirms and moans with delight, reaches around to pull Jessie in closer. Jessie rolls on a condom and plows into the hot wet hole. Trevor backs into Jessie's crotch to meet every hard stroke, Jessie holding on to his shoulder for leverage. Trevor rolls onto his back, pulls his legs wide apart and ass open for Jessie to slam in. A big load is starting to well up inside of both horny fuckers.

Jessie grabs Trevor by the thighs and speeds up. He rubs his hands along the tight hard muscles of Trevor's chest, grabs his cock and squeezes. The bed and both guys are rocking and rumbling with a big orgasm to come. Jessie pulls out just in time for Trevor to spray a strips of sticky cum the length of his muscular abs. Jessie spurts out his own as Trevor reaches up to pull off the blindfold. "You're not my boyfriend!" Trevor exclaims as he realizes he wandered into the wrong room. "No but thanks for the hot fuck!" Jessie responds with a kiss and a wink.
Release Date2019-03-15