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Yang Gayng Ep.2: Riding the Pole

The Yang Gayng's Chief of Stiff Dicks Jake Perez was able to set up a meeting with the wealthy Chinese investor China Gold II. Knocking on the door and told to come in, Jake enters the room and China pops out from behind the curtain in one of his playtime outfits. Jake explains they are seeking help with the poles while looking down at his own stiff pole bulging in his pants. China offers a deal with Jake in exchange for his help and the heated fun begins.

They start out on the sofa sucking each other's cock that eventually ends up with two of them flip fucking. China mounts Jake's pole first before flipping Jake up on his knee's and mounts him doggie style. After changing positions, China is ready to blow and pulls out to cum in Jake's mouth followed by Jake blowing his load all over China's abs and chest. And with that, the deal is sealed.
Release Date2019-08-16