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Sensual Massage

Fuck! I wake up on the floor and my neck is killing me. Then I hear someone say, "What's wrong?" I'm totally confused, I don't know where I'm at and this other guy doesn't know where we are either. That's when he says, "I'm Abel; we met at the party last night." He suggested that I lay on the bed with him and I got lucky because he was hot and knew how to give massages. He straddled my back and started massaging me. Then he pulled my shirt up and gave me a kiss. That's when I took my shirt off and Abel began to kiss me. I forgot all about my neck pain, stripped off my pants and started sucking his cock. That's when he had my flip over and began eating my ass out. I had him start fingering my tight hole. Then he said, "Ready for the real thing?" He smashed my ass with his long cock. It felt so good I just wanted him to ram me harder and deeper. Watch me (Jordano) and Abel show you how relaxing a massage can be in this week's episode of the Asiancy Season 4, Episode 10, "Sensual Massage."
Release Date2013-04-23