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Introducing John Rene

There's a new guy at PeterFever, bronze, muscled and intensely masculine. John Rene is a handsome Filipino who combines a Latin intensity with the beauty and aesthetics of our top Asian models. John glides underwater through the pool as effortlessly as a knife through butter, then strips off his swimsuit to show his already thickening tool. We find out that he is bisexual, and beginning to explore more of his gay attractions through his modeling career.

John has his techy nerd side, enjoys playing games on the computer. But he's active, really enjoys hiking, kayaking, and he looks back fondly on swimming in the warm tropical rivers of his native Philippines. He hits the showers and we notice his broad shoulders and muscleboy silhouette, then our eyes are drawn straight down as his cock rises to a full hard mast.

Snuggling in a white robe, he lies in bed with his hand reaching for his beautiful thick cock. His first strokes are long and focused, working his piece up to a thick, veiny erection. Out comes a fleshlight and in goes his pole, plowing deep into the toy like a tight boy's ass. Slick, rockhard and pulsing with testosterone, he's slowly working up to a big blastoff. Thick pecs and muscled shoulders tighten with every stroke as he jerks. His thighs tense up and give a little pump with the steady rhythm of beating off. This perfect island boy closes his eyes with a dreamy look as the cum starts surging up and out. Biting his lip and tossing back his chiseled face, John groans with deep pleasure and release. "I'm coming," and he definitely is, popping off shot after shot that dribble down his stiff, satisfied rod to his downy black pubes.
Release Date2018-08-31