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SexPig Game, PeterFever's Gay Squid Game parody, Episode 2

"Red Hanky, Green Hanky"
Now that our horny Asian hero is part of the Game he's Player 69, pitted against another thirsty sexpig known as Player 96. When the mysterious Front Man calls the shots for a seXXXy variation on "Red Light, Green Light", Player 69 purposely cheats because he has his eye on a sexy Guard, so Player 96 wins the prized fuck date with The Front Man. As they work up to a hot hard screw, the Guard is distracted and jerking his dick watching the action. The obsessed Detective subdues him, strips him down and changes into his outfit to take his place in the Game.

Player 96 (Danny Ice) waves his pretty ass and gets a deep rim job from the Front Man, who doffs his weird cloak and mask. We notice he's the Business Guy from the first episode. His huge dick comes in handy plowing Player 96 into stunned submission as they bang each others' brains out bareback in the twilight. When Player 96 climbs on to grind his ass onto that humongous tool, the Front Man pulls out just in time to milk out a big splatter of sticky sperm onto his face and gaping mouth.
Release Date2021-11-30