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Three's CUMpany

PeterFever East brings together a new star, Japanboyz' hottest and most popular model, and a legendary erotic performer around the Tokyo nightlife scene. Handsome Fuji, butch Ryuji and gorgeous bisexual bottom Musashi bring the power of three to the Asian gay sex internet. Our story begins when Ryuji calls the happy ending massage service for TWO hot Asian studs and starts stroking. When Fuji and Musashi come in to gang up on all his big muscles, including the one between his legs, Ryuji knows he hit the jackpot. Their smooth lubed-up hands go right for his dick and he starts with the happy groans.

Fuji and Musashi trade off licking Ryuji's cock, then he pays back their attention by slurping down both their stiff tools at once. Things turn into a classic threeway when they all start grabbing each other by the dick and beating their meat. Musashi is first to get on hands and knees and Ryuji happily plows in to that round muscle ass. Lube drips down Musashi's crack and onto his nuts. Fuji gets into the act kissing Ryuji as he tops the hot muscle bottom, then Ryuji takes a turn on his butt as well. Finally they all get a piece when Fuji plays Lucky Pierre in the middle and gets his butt and dick satisfied at once. Musashi lies on the bed while Fuji and Ryuji splatter him with cum, then the muscle man adds his spermy load to the mix.
Release Date2020-04-07