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Hot Fuck in a Steamy Shower

Sometimes the hottest sex of all is between two boyfriends in the first flush of their new romance. PeterFever favorite stud Tyler Slater is recently hooked up with handsome Latin twink Angel Salvador, and the sparks they strike are almost explosive. After a kiss and cuddle watching the late afternoon sunset about to set, they head inside to get busy, and Tyler hits the showers. While he's lathering up his hot young muscles, Angel strips down and joins him in the warm steamy spray. After a friendly grope of each others' dicks and balls, Angel drops to his knees and sucks his boyfriend's big stiff tool.

But careful getting that powerful weapon of Tyler's cocked and loaded, unless you're ready to take all he's gonna dish out. He turns Angel toward the shower wall and opens his hole with a pair of wet fingers. Far from backing off, Angel backs into Tyler's woody and braces against the wall. In a flash Tyler's got his bare cock rammed all the way up Angel's hungry hole and is nibbling at the back of his neck. They move over to the steamed up glass wall and fuck against its smooth foggy surface. Finally Tyler gives Angel a reacharound and works up to a fever pitch. Time for two hot studs to cum! First Tyler creams Angel's big tasty butt with his load. Then Angel splatters his sperm onto the glass with Tyler eating out his firm round ass. Tyler licks the steamy spooge off the glass shower wall and stands up to kiss his satisfied bf.
Release Date2020-12-29