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Redhot Rosy Cheeks

In the playroom, Max Konnor has Sir Jet bent over the air hockey table to reach him a kinkier game. Pulling out a stern leather paddle, he starts smacking Jet's perfect alabaster cheeks till they start blushing with a hot red flush of color. Max yanks down the pouch of Jet's jock to expose the tender taint and tight nutsack, then starts smacking his rosy butt with a slender whip.

Turned on by the sting of the whip, Sir Jet drops to his knees and unleashes Max's XXXL ebony cock. Max slowly begins testing the limits of Jet's mouth, getting half his dick in then pulling out and slapping it around his buddy's face. Now Jet takes it three quarters down, finally opening up to get every throbbing inch inside.

Max pushes Jet back to the table, eating his hole between ass whacks with bare hands. Jet's hot red ass is ready for anything, and Max slowly eases his big pole in. Finally Jet feels the massive schlong in all the way to the black rubber cockring at the base. Max begins pumping. Jet winces then gasps with pure animal need as he braces both arms against the table. After Max grabs his hips and lets loose, Jet perches one foot on the edge of the table to open his hole to the max and lets Max fill him to the ultimate depths.

Both guys heated to the point of no return, Max jacks a thick splatter into Jet's face, lets it run down his sculpted muscles. Sir Jet licks every drop off the dark meaty pole then sprays his own load onto the hard stone floor.
Release Date2018-11-30