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Train HARD 5: Pump Those Glutes

Jon Darra is a hot, hairy Asian man's man with XXXtra to spare of everything, so who better to teach lean built twink Jesse Stone how to build up those gorgeous glutes. Jesse does his squats dutifully, pushing that ass out as he dips down. Believe us, no red-blooded guy could take his eyes off that sweet hard butt, and Jon's no exception. By the time Jesse's doing lower back extensions, Jon's hands wander to those tight twin globes, pulling down the waistband of his jersey shorts till it's pure pink bare ass and hungry hole. Jon dives in for a long lick and taste. He runs his tongue along the blond fur that lines Jesse's crack.

Jesse gets down on all fours, ready to get his pumped-up booty plowed by the trainer. Jon slides his raw cock in smooth and deep. He grabs both Jesse's butt cheeks and drills in balls deep while Jesse groans in ecstasy. "Oooh, FUCK, yeahhhh!" he moans to Jon. Jesse straddles Jon and does some pelvic thrusts and grinds on that stiff cock. Jon stands behind and rams in faster as Jesse braces on the bench. The blond twink can't take any more and milks out a thick splatter that dots the floor below. Jon jerks his load out on Jesse's hot tight ass.
Release Date2021-09-14