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Introducing Shen Powers

Shen is a gorgeous bodybuilder with ripped abs and pecs, crazy biceps, and an all around cut body to die for! He's first generation Chinese-American who immigrated to the U.S. almost two decades ago and he's ready, willing, and able to start a career in porn. Luckily for us, he chose Peter Fever to get his feet wet by showing off in front of our cameras.

Your introduction to Shen includes a sensual walk in the park as he talks about his life, his fitness routine, and a little bit about his first time being gay. You'll get a glimpse into what makes him tick sexually as he does a bit of a strip-tease with some sit-ups and poses for our still photographer in his star-spangled, all-American underwear and shoes.

After his flirty day in the park, Shen is horny and heads back to our hotel to get naked and get off. Shen peels off his undies to show off his shaved hard dick and nice plump balls. He fingers his tight smooth hole and laments how he's ready to fuck. After getting himself revved up even more, he turns around and rubs his nipples as he works his shaft up and down. Shen picks up the pace and works himself to a frenzy before he shoots a white, creamy load all over the flawless skin of his ripped stomach. It's a job well done after a long day in the park.

Welcome to the Peter Fever club, Shen! We can't wait to have you in again for some steamy sucking and fucking action.
Release Date2018-06-29