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The Fever Comes To Tokyo

Sensational new PeterFever discovery Ray Dexter is spreading red hot love around the world, and Tokyo is the next location that gets to "feel the fever". The Asian-American cutie patootie combines a baby doll face, nerdy glasses and a HUGE endowment that he's eager to use on the hungry mouths and insatiable butts he encounters on his travels.

When Ray is settled in to his hotel, he calls for an authentic Japanese masseur to "work out the kinks". Lucky Ray gets a fantastic introduction to sensuous Japanese studs when wonderstud bad boy idol Yusaku shows up to answer his call. Yusaku is a sexy, hung, swaggering model known worldwide to followers of

We think Ray knows what he's getting when he asks for the "special", but Yusaku starts out with a firm deep traditional rubdown. Once the tall well-endowed American rolls over and Yusaku gets a good look at that massive uncut cock, all propriety goes out the window. Yusaku struggles to get the girth into his mouth, but his honor as an erotic masseur is at stake, after all! Holding Ray's prick in one hand, it is all Yusaku can manage to get half down his throat. When the two studs kiss and fondle each other, Ray is happy to reciprocate and guzzle Yusaku down to the root.

Yusaku's smooth ass is a tempting target as Ray dives in for a taste, and the tatted masseur moans with delight. Ray lubes his finger to probe into the spit-soaked hole. He'll need to slosh in a lot of lubrication if Yusaku has any chance of stretching out to accommodate that giant cock. Legs up and holding knees wide apart, Yusaku enjoys the fingering and breathes deep to anticipate the first insertion. Yusaku gamely takes one for team Japan as he sits on the massive schlong and takes it balls deep. Ray holds him by the hips and prods in deep with his raw, bareback cock.

Strings of creamy lube drizzle down his balls as he pushes deep inside. Yusaku is ready now to let Ray take over and ram his ass in the missionary position. Yusaku's head bobs side to side as he is pumped full of hard American cock. He's getting ready to blow and strokes fast and hard. Ray keeps his cock in all the way while Yusaku races toward a creamy load, then pulls out to give Yusaku a final juicy suck. Yusaku grabs for his dick and milks out a volcanic spurt of cum. That's all it takes to send Ray over the edge as he sprays thick splatters all over Yusaku, then gives him a taste of a delicious mix of Asian and American spermy goodness. What a great ambassador for the hot contagious "peter fever" we've come to appreciate here in the States.
Release Date2019-06-07