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The Deuce Episode 10: The Great Escape

After David Ace rolls China Gold in his sleep, China rallies his henchmen to get his revenge. David and Alex Chu make their getaway and when they're far enough away, they stop to catch their breath. David realizes he misses the taste of Alex's thick, uncut dick down his throat and gets on his knees to service the hunky stud. David's mouth feels amazing wrapped around his cock and when Alex is throbbing hard, he bends David over to ram his rod deep into David's tight, smooth hole. Alex pumps away out in public until he's ready to blow. As David begs for his jizz, Alex drops a load all over his face. David savors the flavor and lets loose to cover the grass with cum. As the two hunks bask in the afterglow of their ass fucking fun, they have no idea what's in store from China, Silky, and Bandit. Will David and Alex get away? What will happen if they get caught by China? Stay tuned for Season 2 of �The Deuce: A Gay Parody� to find out and to get more of your favorite studs with plenty of sucking and fucking to go around!
Release Date2018-01-19