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The Photo Shoot

I hate photographers! They're always bailing on me. I just can't believe that my plans fell through. I wanted to have new photos for my website to show off to my fans and now it's not going to happen! Luckily Jessie Colter was there to save the day. He's been a model so it can't be that hard for him to take a picture. As he took my photos, I could see his eyes staring at my body - my chest, my ass, and my crotch. It might not have been hard to take the photo but his dick was. They say a picture's worth a thousand words but I didn't expect it to be worth an amazing fuck session with Jessie Colter. It's never nice to stare, but in this week's episode "The Photo Shoot," featuring me and Jessie Colter, it's naughty.
Release Date2013-09-13