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Peter Le, The Man Who Stoked Our Fever

Before the days of PeterFever East and the mega-budgets of Gayvengers and The Black Panda, PeterFever was one man's vision to dispel the stereotypes and bring hot sizzling Asian male sexuality into the spotlight. Where it belongs. Here we take a longing look back at the innocent fun of gorgeous Peter and his early hijinks.

To the pulsing sensuality of seductive music, young Adonis Peter effortlessly peels out of his clothes in a candlelit bedroom. His hand goes straight for his stiff cock and beats out a creamy load of cum that drips down to his pubic hair. On a shadowy massage table, we spy anonymous hands caressing the muscular curves of Peter's ass. Through the round iris frame of a voyeur camera, a leather-gloved arm reaches in and strokes him to a juicy finish. Next to the glossy urban skyscrapers outside his window, the magnificent edifice that is Peter flexes, poses and takes a needed breath after giving his dick a workout. Next he lies in bed, perfect lips pouting as his swollen cock gets the sticky relief it's been pining for. We see Peter as director of the action with two of his handsome models fucking as he calls the shots. He cranes his neck to watch the hardcore action and smiles when the top splatters his load on his happy bottom. In the kitchen, naked Peter sprawls across a travertine counter and works up a different sort of tasty condiment out of his mighty tool. He takes that tool to its natural environment in his garage where he poses and jacks. Through this delicious cum-pilation we're treated to shot after splattering shot of iconic Peter Le and his ever-ready cock. Remember when erotic fun was so basic and simple?
Release Date2020-07-14