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The Haunting - Banging Away

I was scared; the loud banging noise caught me off guard. I didn't know where it came from or who it could've been. It couldn't have been Jayden. I went to check on him and he is sound asleep. Weird�I woke him up, but things didn't seem right. He started rambling on about a guy with hooks chasing him. He looked so distressed; I just wanted to ease his mind. I laid next to him, he wrapped his arm around me and for that moment in time together, we felt safe. He came from behind and planted a kiss on my lips and I forgot about the loud banging noise and focused more on his hard cock banging my tight ass. Check out the next chilling installment in, "The Haunting - Banging Away," but be warned you'll see it in your dreams.
Release Date2013-11-04