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Black Panda Episode 9: Schooling the Newbie

President Crump has fired Agent Evans in the middle of his captivity and sent Agent Bennett Anthony to replace him. It's Agent Anthony's mission to learn how to earn the respect of the Panda God and only Levy Fox can teach him. Levy starts the lesson off by getting Bennett's big ginger cock down his throat and when Bennett is at full mast, he bends Levy over the table to take a taste of his sweet little hole. Don't let the size of Levy's hole deceive you because this guy can take any sized dick you can throw his way. When Bennett is convinced Levy is ready for his cock, he rams his rod deep into Levy's ass and pounds away, stretching him to the limits. It's no surprise that Bennett's dick hits the perfect spot inside Levy and after a nice long fuck session, Levy lets loose and sprays a massive load of jizz all over himself as he's getting pounded by Bennett. When Bennett sees that he's brought Levy to the point of no return, he pulls out and drops his load all over Levy's face. The Panda God is watching. Will Agent Anthony get the respect he needs to accomplish his mission, or will he be vanquished to a holding cell to suffer the same terrible fate as that of Agent Evans?
Release Date2018-06-01