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Suit and Tied: Deception

Tyler Slater arrives at hypermasculine Asian top Duncan Ku's for his job interview, which takes place in bondage collar and cuffed hands. Duncan reclines on his bed in white shirt and tie, manipulating his applicant like a sexy puppet. Tyler hungrily slurps down Duncan's cock as soon as his fly is open, with Duncan's hand guiding him down further onto the straining hard tool. He opens up his shirt and lets the young submissive service his nipples, then turns Tyler onto all fours. Yanking down Tyler's black briefs he smacks' his ass, runs a spit-drenched finger into the muscleboy's hairy crack.

Duncan's leather cat o'nine tails stings Tyler's round muscular buttocks, and once they're pink and tender Duncan pumps his stiff piece in raw. "Yess, it feels so good!" Tyler assures as Duncan mercilessly plows in to the hilt. He speeds up and flips his fuck-crazed applicant onto his back. Spreading Tyler's legs as far apart as they can go, he fucks a splattering load out of the young stud. Furrowing his brow and grimacing, Duncan leaves a juicy stream of cum leaking out of Tyler's tender asshole. When they doze in each others' arms, Tyler reaches over to steal a wad of bills from Duncan's wallet and slips out or the room.
Release Date2020-03-17