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Black Panda Episode 10: Union Of Kings

After a long and contentious pursuit, King T'Balla finally sits down with the Panda King to negotiate the final terms of their peckeranium exchange. T'Balla must learn to harness the power responsibly by fucking the Panda King with his massive royal cock. The kings start by taking turns sucking each other off. After finding out that T'Balla's ass is tight and tasty, The Black Panda slides his thick dick into the hole in front of him. He pounds away, keeping a steady pace until T'Balla decides he wants a turn at getting his dick wet too. He slowly slips his massive throbbing pole deep into the Black Panda's hungry hole and quickly picks up the pace. He keeps a steady rhythm, going balls deep until he fucks the cum out of The Black Panda's thick hard cock. When T'Balla sees the power he's unleashed, he quickly pulls out and slathers the Panda King with buckets of thick and creamy jizz. Will T'Balla learn everything he needs to walk away with the coveted magic elixir? Or will he bend to the power of the peckeranium by allowing it to control his urges instead of commanding its power?
Release Date2018-06-08