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Sexy Rich Gaysians 2: L.A. Dish

Horny drama queen and muscle boy Darryl (Jessie Lee) has paid for the one-hour "special" from his sexy lunk of a gay-for-pay masseur Bobo (Axel Kane) when his beauty treatment foreplay is rudely interrupted by an SMS best friend Justyn (John Rene) who recounts the big news that his bf David is a mega-rich stud. No surprise to Darryl who tells him to get his head out of his schoolbooks and pay attention to the gay rags, where rich playboy David is the current coverboy.

Back to the real business, and Darryl moves from massage to happy ending in no time flat. After a cocksucking warmup, they move to the main event and Bobo slams his muscular client with an upscale 24K dick. Darryl's butt reddens from the hard-slapping attention from the handsome masseur. Bobo uses his hard muscles to do fast hard pushups and push-ins on Darryl's ass. Darryl gets down on hands and knees to feel his hole getting plowed full of top-of-the-line paid penis.

Muslclebound hunk Bobo tosses Darryl around like a rag doll, and Darryl loves every minute. He lifts his legs and groans with satisfaction when Bobo grabs his thighs and slams his way in. Darryl needs a leg workout today as well, and squats over Bobo's tree-trunk thighs as he grinds into the hot horny rod. Shifting gears to double-speed, Bobo rams his rod into Darryl's round firm hole, then pulls out just in time to milk out a load into his mouth and across his face as Darryl thanks his stud with a creamy load of his own.

There's still that nagging news about Justyn and David! Darryl uses their moment of afterglow to send Bobo on a quick errand to Vegas, to see just what kind of slutty playboy David really IS!
Release Date2019-01-11