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Gabe & Kai: "Oh Yeah!"

With Gabe lying on top of me, then sucking my cock, I too am glad he's back in the industry; today, he will also be in my ass. While wrapping my lips around his shaft, Gabe asks to see my ass; his appetite for my hole is incredible. Getting himself ready to top me, I have to start by riding it; "damn, that's huge;" I moan. Bouncing on his cock, my hole opens and allows more of Gabe in.

"Yeah, you fuck that dick boy," Gabe commands while thrusting up into me. His thick cock feels so good, no matter what position we are in. Gabe is definitely one of those high-energy "all in" type of tops; he moves me to my back and fucks me while I edge. Gabe pulls out and blasts across my chest; I follow with a splattering of my own. Bottoming for, Kai is a very impressive boy. Don't forget to add some stars by these hot models' names on our website.
Release Date2017-07-14