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Yang Gayng Ep.3: The Big Lewinski

Meet Daniel Lewinsky (played by Daniel Hausser), the new Intern in town! He's gladly "at the service" of any candidate willing to pay for dirt. After blowing Mayor Pete Bootycheck, he's off to meet the candidate whose cock he's been after the most, Peter Yang; and our mischievous Intern is willing to do anything to get what he wants! Is he a Double Agent? A triple Agent? Well we're not sure if you really care, but all that matters to Daniel is that Yang's got the cock he has been craving. It doesn't take long for Daniel to get down to his knees and slurp it up and down until he is gasping for air. Soon Daniel is ready for what he's been dreaming of; taking all of that huge dick in his smooth, tight hole. Sitting on it, his cock is as hard as a rod. But Daniel screams for more, and takes it in every position he can, asking for it to plunge deeper and deeper. Yang really gives it to him too, in a full fuck-a-thon with two extraordinary cumshots. With such an amazingly hot fuck, it's no wonder Mr. Lewinsky trades his allegiances and bends the knee (and his sexy blonde buttocks) over for his future President.
Release Date2019-08-23