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Wet Leather

I'm sitting in the living room with Trey and Jessie and we're bored out of our minds! Jessie suggested we jump in the pool, but I thought the dude was crazy! It's cold as fuck out there, but hey, if I get to see these hot guys in their skimpy swimsuits, why not? We jumped in, but the pool was freezing cold. We ran back in the house to dry off. Then Trey said, "We should fuck before we catch a cold." Trey came over so I could taste his soft lips while Jessie caressed my cock and teased my nipples with his wet tongue. So much was happening to my body at once, I felt like I was in a trance. All I could feel were four hands rubbing against my chest. Things heated up. Trey's huge cock started sliding in and out of my tight asshole while I was tasted Jessie's cock in my mouth; I was ready to bust a load. Having both of my holes filled was such an experience! Watch me (Eric East), Trey Turner, and Jessie Colter have a wet and sexy threesome in this Season's epic finale, "Wet Leather."
Release Date2013-06-04