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Mr Hardball Part 3: Mr. Hardball and the Heckler

In the wake of recent events in the United States, I present a timely video that combats racism with fucking; bullying with tough love. In Part 3 of Mr. Hardball, the boys are trying out at practice on a hot day. The Coach, played by Jessie Lee, is playing Catcher with Ken Ott, aka "Mr. Hardball," on the mound. That's when the heckling starts.

Gabe Dalessandro shouts out rude and offensive remarks at the boys, to which Jessie says "The sun is out and so are my guns. Do you really want to test me?" This gets our heckler to back down, and Ken asks the Coach's permission to "try him out."

He takes him back to his room and tells Gabe if he wants to get on the team, he'd better "fuck him good." The heckler claims he was only joking and will "do anything." You can be sure that Ken Ott will force him to make good on that promise in this video, as Gabe follows every command and licks every drop of his own cum off of Ken's face.
Release Date2017-08-25