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JayCee Plows into Sexy Nature Boy John Rene

On an afternoon hike around Red Rock country, hot muscle daddy JayCee can barely keep his hands off gorgeous Pinoy stud John Rene. Discretion takes over until they find a convenient enclave of shrubs for JayCee to go down on his handsome hung Island boy.

They climb on down to a whitewater creek and a rocky outcropping where they get naked in the great outdoors. Then they're lucky enough to happen upon a secluded stone hot tub where they can get away with more than a quick suck. JayCee buries his face in John's firm round cheeks and opens his ass with a little tongue reaming.

A clear glass dildo is next on the menu, JayCee getting rockhard as he watches John fuck himself. He really wants John and can't stay out of that hole, plows on in to his eager ass. Hot water bubbling and splashing around them, they work up some big waves of their own as their hot bodies thrash together.

JayCee milks out a spurt of sticky cream across John's warm wet butt, then settles down into the water. John lets loose with a major cum facial that soaks JayCee's mouth and beard. They pull up their undies and shorts, hike off into the wild a little happier and a LOT more relaxed.
Release Date2019-06-14