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David Welcomes John Rene to His Hungry Hole

In a cool, soft light and slow motion, PeterFever favorite David Ace welcomes new boy John Rene to the PF family of models. Making out tenderly, David fondles John's prick while John puts his sexy pouting mouth to good use on David's nipples. He nuzzles David's balls and gets a mouthful of dick. Turned on, David's legs pop up and John moves to his smooth hole.

John's cock responds--it likes what's in his mouth. He moves up so his dick rubs seductively against David's wet crack. They rub their dicks together while David promises more with legs wrapped around John's slim waist. He sucks John's nuts and strokes his rockhard pole. David humps the sheets as he stuffs his mouth full of dick. It's time for the main event.

David slicks John's big cock with lube and rolls on a condom, squeezing his cheeks around it until he finds the magic spot to push it in. In one smooth stroke he slides onto John's hot, hard cock. They take it slow and sensuous at first, only increasing speed once they are well-acquainted with each other's bodies. David turns and backs his hole down onto John's throbbing woody. David buries his face in the sheets as John turns him over to pump even deeper in. John grabs both cheeks, plows in as David groans involuntarily. Now they're too close to slow down. Both dicks cum together in a splatter of manjuice that drips across David's fist, prick and tight abs. He beams as John moves in for one last tender, romantic kiss.
Release Date2018-09-07