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The Reunion Episode 2: Frat Rush

"Cum-miserating" with Alex Chu about our hazing, I agree it was pretty shitting; being dragged out into the woods in the middle of the night is just part of being a Fuck U Boy. I do confess, seeing his hard cock that night as he blew me was a turn on; Alex leans in for a kiss. Feeling the same way, we are both soon naked and sucking one another; I position my ass onto his face for some tasty rimming. On all fours, I look back and ask, "wanna fuck me?" Taking his full thick cock all the way in from the get go, has me panting, but I fuckin' love the sensation. As we change it up several times, I realize no matter what position we're in, Alex keeps it fast and deep; the penetration is perfect. Sweaty and red, he asks, "like that?" I know I am close. Jerking myself, Alex has me blowing onto my stomach; my thick load gets my heart pounding. With a few more thrusts, he then pulls out and blasts on top of me; I watch as his cock throbs. I think we both agree, we are Fuck U Boys for life. The bottom model in this hot video is Kai.
Release Date2017-04-28