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Peter Cums and Cums and Cums

Can a TBT start on a Tuesday? No mind, this time we're going back to the original Peter who made it all happen and got us all hot and bothered, Peter Le. Here's a compilation to jog your memory and kick your groin into high gear. Gorgeous in face, body and cock, Peter is a master of the tease, but on occasion he really delivered the stiff and spurting goods! We put together some of his hottest solo jerkoff scenes with the juiciest cum shots. Watch him pulling his pud after a jog in the park, a naked ass workout, a suited office lunch break with a XXX twist and a hot, basic wack off sesh. OG Peter's thick creamy load won't be the only one spraying once you watch this seXXXy CUMpilation of the best Peter Le stroke and splatter sessions!
Release Date2021-09-28