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Axel Nails the Landon

Sometimes sex is more like athletics than art. When built Asian muscle god Axel Kane takes on horny tatted bottom Landon Wells, it's a sporty clash of hard dick and hungry ass. Landon weighs Axel's big tool in his hand then goes down to work it to a stiff erection that's up to the task. His mouth is hot and wet and Axel responds immediately. He gives the young handsome stud a smack and a push down to the bed. Landon's legs pop up and apart like they're spring-loaded, and the action heats up.

Axel slides his bare cock into the welcoming booty as Landon wraps his legs around the back of the big muscle stud's neck. He rolls to his stomach and perks up his butt to catch every hard thrust Axel can slam into him. Both horny fuckers rise up to their feet and Landon grabs the headboard for stability. It creaks as Axel turns up the volume and pumps in faster. Landon beats his dick with a fury, then they tumble to the mattress. Axel guides that hot butt onto his upturned woody, while Landon grinds into the rough fucker. Grabbing Axel's legs, Landon rides the top like he was born to have that cock inside him. He squats just inches above Axel, lets him drill straight up into the throbbing raw ass. "Think I'm gonna cum!" Axel warns before he splatters himself and Landon's crack with a sticky wad. "Put it back in," begs Landon and catches the last few spurts before he shoots his own load and leans down to thank Axel with a hot wet kiss.
Release Date2020-11-24