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Alex Chu's Erotic Sessions: Episode 2 - Introducing Dylan A

Dylan Art is Alex Chu's latest conquest. The two met at the gym but haven't been able to hook up just yet. Dylan is home doing a few ab exercises when he gets a text from Alex that he's ready to fuck. After he agrees to meet Alex later, Dylan's urges take over and he starts to touch himself. His fantasies play out in his head when he imagines Alex's strong arms wrapped around him as he rubs his growing bulge through the fabric of his shorts. In Dylan's mind, Alex is fingering his tight hole, caressing his soft skin, and pressing his firm cock against his leg. "Do you want to touch my ass?" Dylan muses in his mind as his fingers find their mark and enter his tight hole. "Do you like my body?" he questions in his fantasy as he humps the couch. "Alex, I need you in me," he finally demands as his giant balls dance in their big meaty sack and bounce on the couch as he pumps his uncut dick. After a nice long session of self serving pleasure, Dylan is finally ready to blow his load. He lies back and continues rubbing out a steady pace until he hits the point of no return. With a final gasp of air before being overtaken by sheer ecstasy, Dylan lets loose and blasts a nice warm load of creamy jizz all over his heaving abs and chest. That was one hell of a fantasy for Dylan and as he lies on the sofa covered in cum, he can't wait to take Alex down his hungry throat and deep inside his tight little ass.
Release Date2018-02-09