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スタイル抜群イケメンノンケ大学生がエロい!! 026


这一次,在[Monitarin G13]中以他的长腿和伟大的风格给我们带来汗水的Koki,和他的梦中情人在一起了!

This time, Koki, who gave us a sweaty review of [Monitarin G13], with his long legs and excellent style, is with the girl of his dreams!

前日より溜めていたようでパンツ姿からもうギンギン 笑 最初は緊張している様子でしたが女の子のフェラでスイッチが♪頭を持って腰を振りパンパン。大好きなオッパイをチュパチュパ、クンニでじゅるじゅる♪

她从前一天开始就一直在努力,在她的内衣里已经硬得像块石头。 她抱着他的头,摇晃着臀部,喘息着。 她在我的乳房上吸啊吸的,而我则喷啊喷的。

She seemed to have accumulated a lot of cum from the day before, and was already hard as a rock in her underwear. She seemed nervous at first, but the girl's blowjob turned her on! She held his head and shook her hips and panted. She was so nervous at first, but she turned it on when she sucked my cock.

念願の本番では何度も何度も体位を変え汗をかきながら腰をパンパン!! 最後は女の子に打ち付けるような激しい腰振りと共にも濃厚精子を大量発射!! 溜まっていたのか濃く濃厚に匂い立つ精子がエロい!!

当她表演的时候,她一次又一次地变换姿势,满头大汗地抽动着臀部 最后,他在对着女孩用力摇动臀部时,射出了大量浓稠的精液!这就是他的魅力。闻起来如此浓郁的精子是如此的色情!

In the long awaited performance, he changed positions over and over again, sweating and pumping his hips! In the end, he shoots a lot of thick sperm while shaking his hips violently as if he were hitting the girl! This is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your time with us.


Koki又被汗水浸透了,但他还是带着微笑尽力而为,直到最后! 让我们要求他在未来做更多的事情吧!

Once again, Koki did his best with a smile on his face, even though he was drenched in sweat! Let's ask him to do many more!



The main model has been unmasked since the middle of the film.

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Release Date2021-11-05
VideoSample Video