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Black Panda Episode 6: Panda Power!

Alex Chu has convened a secret meeting with the Panda Brotherhood. After having collected all the foreign cum they can, their Peckeranium has grown stronger. To celebrate, they form a Cum-Union to cement their bond. The three hunks meet in the middle and as they all kiss, Alex instructs Levy to suck his dick. Levy does as he's told and gets on his knees to take both Alex and Ken in his mouth at the same time. After getting them nice and hard, Levy wants it up the ass and bends over to take Alex balls deep in his tight hole. Ken continues to get his dick sucked by Levy's magic mouth and finally can't take it any longer. He bellies up behind Alex to form a chain as Ken fucks Alex and Alex fucks Levy. Ken needs to feel the inside of Levy and Alex graciously steps aside to let him have what he craves. The sight of Levy getting stretched by Ken is all it takes for Alex to let loose and give Levy a massive facial. With his face covered in cum, Levy blasts his load all over himself as Ken continues a steady rhythm fucking his hole. When Ken sees that he's helped Levy on his way, Ken pulls out and mixes his own pure white jizz with Levy's sticky pool to form the sacred union of cum. Will the Panda Brotherhood continue to grow stronger? Or was it too early to celebrate by forming the sacred bond?
Release Date2018-05-04