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Zombie Cum Suckers Ep 4: No Place Like Hole

Ever have a really stressful night, and then when the trouble's over you're SO relaxed and horny? That's what Jack is feeling now that he saved everyone from an eternity of being undead. Jessie wakes up from what seems like a bad dream of being the Zombie King, and David and Zario remember nothing of being zombie slaves. What a perfect occasion to use the throne room for a hot no-holes-barred orgy of four! It starts out with Jack and David paired up, and Zario and David as well. David pays all respect to Jack's big honkin' cock that produced that magical "cum of pure love", taking it deep down his hungry little throat. And human Jessie is hot for Zario cock as well. They change partners until every dick is straining and stiff and it's time to use the fuck bench to keep the action hot and unleashed.

Zario slams his raw prick into a screaming David, and Jessie takes every inch of Jack's bareback tool. The temperature heats up and their howls get harder and louder. Zario's nuts slap against David's smooth wet crack, and Jack pounds into Jessie's cockstarved hole. Finally the configuration moves back to Jack getting his cock milked by his buddy's talented asshole, and Zario getting his booty split open by Jessie's hot hard pole. After a volley of juicy cum shots, the fucked-out quartet pulls up their jocks to leave the kinky playground. When Jessie and Zario walk off arm-in-arm, Jack bends David over into a deep Hollywood kiss and convinces him to stick around for one more go-round on all the slings and benches this place has to offer.
Release Date2020-10-20