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West Shoot - Behind-the-Scene, Part 1

This week I decided to do something a little different. West Phillips came out to Chicago and we decided to do some photo shoots around the city. But not only did we do photos, I had a video running to take behind-the-scenes shots while he was taking photos and while we were walking around town trying to find some awesome spots to shoot. We ended up finding an ally and I was taking off my shirt, people passing by started honking and pedestrians walking around stopped and stared. I got more attention when I took my pants off and started showing my 2eros underwear. I guess people don't see too many buff Asian guys in their underwear around Chicago. For the second shoot, I wanted to show you guys some more, so I had to find a hidden location. I got so excited knowing that I might get caught naked on the street by some hot guy in uniform. I think you will love the two hot photo galleries: "The Wall" & "I Love 2eros" as well as what happened in the behind-the-scenes video.
Release Date2012-10-03