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Casual Encounters with Damian and Cesar

The great thing about being a gay guy is that sometimes you can just lock eyes with someone you spotted on the street and take them home and fuck. Maybe you'll get called a slut, but who the fuck cares when you have your dick inside somebody hot and horny that you have barely met? That's what happened when Damian X. Dragon was out jogging and saw built, hung and handsome Latin stud Cesar Xes. One look and it's time to head home and fuck!

Cesar is barely in the door before he's on his knees with Damian in his mouth, then Damian wants a piece of that action and rolls Cesar onto the couch to swallow his thick uncut meat. By the way, the chemistry is so combustible that neither stud has had time to take his clothes off, yet they're sucking each other and getting ready to hide the salami. Cesar gives Damian a little helping hand and pushes his head down further onto his slick hard cock.

Cesar assumes the position on hands and knees with his smooth pretty ass up in the air for Damian to dig in and eat. Damian gives Cesar a reach under and fondles his cock and balls while he burrows face first into his hole. Cesar grinds his ass back into that sweet tongue, and Damian is ready to take it to the next step. Rolling on a condom, he plows on in to the slick throbbing hole.

Holding Cesar by the scruff, Damian pumps in hard and mercilessly, but gets not a peep in complaint. He pulls out to drool a gob of saliva on to make the pushing sweeter. they tuen over and Cesar starts stroking fast. They better both get in all the fun positions they're dreaming about before someone starts shooting.

Cesar speeds toward that big finish riding on Damian's upturned cock, and has to spray out his sticky wad across Damian's muscular, tatted chest. Damian pulls out and grabs Cesar's face to squirt his hot juice into. After creaming his new anonymous bud, they're both ready to suit up and get back to their morning jog.
Release Date2019-04-12