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The Call Boy

We all need a little variety in our life, so I decided to have a Call Boy come by the house while Eric was out. It's too hard being with one guy exclusively. So I decided to go online and find some variety to spice things up. I was surprised when I opened the door and saw Jessie Colter there, he looked even hotter in person. His piercing blue eyes turned me on right away. We head up to my room and he says, "This is where the magic happens," and that's when it all started. This was some hardcore fucking. I loved pounding his bubble butt with my rock hard cock. His moans made me even harder each time I thrust his tight hole. I was bound to break his ass in good. Hurry and check out Diego Vena and Jessie Colter before Eric comes home in this week's episode of The Asiancy, Season 4 - Episode 4 "The Call Boy".
Release Date2013-03-13