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Strip Poker - Texas Hold-Him

The guys were all hanging out together so I decided to make this day a little interesting. With all these hot guys in the room I had to see them naked and there was no better way than strip poker. Except my version of strip poker has a bit of a sexy add-on. The first person to lose strips then the second person to lose gets stripped, and finally they fuck. Everyone was excited and anxious for the first round, but who was going to lose the round and their clothes? The cards were dealt and Coda was the first to lose it all. All eyes were on his sexy, slim and fit frame and his nice cock. Things were heating up fast, who would lose round two? It was bad boy Jaxon. All that was left was to watch these two studs fuck. Join the fun in this week's episode of the Novella Series, "Strip Poker - Texas Hold-Him" featuring CodaFILTHY and Jaxon.
Release Date2014-04-14