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Chakra Cum 1: Opening Levy's Chakra Hole

Asian beauty Levy Foxx is a yoga master with a special talent for energy tuning. He locates the strong and weak chakras in his private students and demonstrates the way to get things open and flowing in the hottest possible way. Today his student is Zak Bishop, who is going through his asanas when Levy points out his yellow chakra, the energy vortex at the solar plexus. In a neat bit of energy manipulation, he compliments Zak's "strong yellow chakra" then tells him it needs work. Before you know it they're all over each other opening up their energy blockages, and more...

If the way to a man's heart is though his stomach, the way to his stomach chakra must start by sucking off his big honking dick. Levy gets on his knees and gets those juices flowing. Zak and Levy's secret bedroom language involves a lot of "Fuck!" "Fuck yeah" and "Oh fuck!" from both sides. Levy uses his talented tongue from nutsack to making little circles around Zak's navel (right at that fabled solar plexus chakra). Zak has another energy vortex in mind when he gets Levy on his stomach and burrows his face into the yoga master's booty. He plows his piece into Levy's hot hungry love tunnel, kissing him as he rams in deep. Limber Levy pins his thighs back and lets Zak get the deepest raw penetration, and soon they're past the point of no return. Once Levy's riding Zak and grinding his ass down on his student's fuckpole, Zak speeds up and goes for broke, spraying a hot splatter across Levy's yellow chakra belly. Those energy meridians have never been so open and clear, thanks to yoga master Levy!
Release Date2021-02-02