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Toys & Boys - Cuff Me

It's Armond's turn and there were only three of us left. I was surprised when he chose me, so I made it worth his while and chose the handcuffs. Armond pulled out a blindfold and for a second I felt scared, I've never been blindfolded before. I couldn't see anymore but my other senses heightened. I wasn't sure what was coming next until I felt him grab my arm and cuff me. Now I couldn't move or see but I was no longer scared, I was excited and ready. I could feel his wet lips wrap around my cock and it was intense. Everything was euphoric and I could feel his tongue caress every inch of my cock. I couldn't resist any longer, I had to see the action. The blindfold was gone. Now I could see the hot guy who was about to pound my ass. Check out this week's sexual exploration featuring CodaFILTHY and Armond Rizzo in "Toys and Boys - Cuff Me."
Release Date2014-02-03