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Introducing Jon Darra

Hot new Asian-American model Jon Darra is hot, dark and hairy. He shares his stats then popular twink stud Tyler Slater shows him the modeling ropes. Tyler buries his face in Jon's bushy pubes then starts sucking. Jon pumps a wet finger into Tyler's tight little pucker. Tyler grinds his booty into Jon's face and Jon dives in for a long deep taste. When Jon follows up with his rockhard bare dick, Tyler moans out "Yes, yes, omigod, it feels so good!" Sounds as if maybe he likes it.

Jon plows in from behind and grabs Tyler by his muscular shoulders. Tyler grabs the sheets and burrows his head down as he lifts his butt higher. Darra's crotch slams hard against Tyler's butt cheeks and each bareback stroke ends with a hard smack! With Tyler on top, Jon drills in deep and grabs the horny twink's hips. They shift to missionary, Jon's favorite position (and it shows!). Tyler starts beating his dick when Jon gets a hold of him around the neck and speeds up. The sexual heat rises while they race toward a juicy explosion. Tyler can't hold back and sprays cum all over his lean smooth abs. Jon finishes with a sticky spurt into his partner's face, leans in to give Tyler a sweet kiss of appreciation.
Release Date2020-02-18