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Big Dick in the Big Apple

It's late and I'm on top of the world staying at one of the most luxurious hotels in New York City. I meet this guy Luke today; he crossed my path when I was trying to take a picture of the Empire State Building. He is one of the sexiest guys I've ever met and I want him bad as soon as I saw him. Luke told me that he's straight, but I knew he was a little curious. He kept trying to hide his gaze, but I saw him looking at my crotch time and time again. I didn't want to scare him off; I could tell he was nervous. That's when I asked him if he wanted me to be his first gay fuck. I completely offered myself to him. He agreed, but with one condition; I need to get him hard and wet before he will fuck me. So he pulled out his camera and told me to perform. Tonight I'm going to change his life. I guarantee, when I'm done with him, he won't be curious anymore. Ahhhh, fuck yeah!
Release Date2013-06-28