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Best of 2021: Splash! Shots CUM-Pilation

Here's a relentless series of squirts, splashes and splatters that will leave you as wet and sticky as all our greatest PeterFever models. After a difficult 2020, we were overjoyed to get the gang together to pull off a hot and juicy 2021 we'll never forget. Cum with us and enjoy the hottest action moments that lead to an unbelievable cascade of sticky, creamy, musky manjuice.

Join top-notch Asian models like Levy Foxx, Jessie Lee, Jeremy Vuitton, Danny Ice, Jon Darra and hung and horny buddies like Zak Bishop, Cesar Xes, Jesse Stone, Nic Sahara, Jordan Jameson and Des Irez. Cocks spurt and spray like a Vegas water works, in scenes culled from some of our hottest series last year. It's all a great show that gives you an idea of the explosive chemistry and uninhibited bareback action we're so proud to share. Hope you had as great a year as we did and juicy wishes for a hot and sticky, cock-rocketing 2022 for you and yours!