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Top Cops 5: Duncan & Bird

Hot, horny Asian cop Duncan Ku is having some sadistic fun interrogating caged prisoner Bird. "Tell me the information!" he bellows as Bird nuzzles his packed crotch and begs for mercy. But in this part of the world, the cops don't take no for an answer, and Duncan won't leave without SOMETHING he wants from the beautiful naked captive. He pops his dick between the cage bars and slaps it around Bird's open mouth, grabs the young offender's head and rams in to his throat. Bird holds the bars to keep from getting knocked back by the force of Duncan's thrusts.

Duncan opens his shirt to reveal his ripped tight body, beats his cock till it's aching for more than a wet mouth to fuck. Bird crouches with his hole open and ready for Duncan's rough assault, and the two Asian studs begin buttfucking with nothing between them but cold hard steel bars. Slapping Bird's booty, the Top Cop grabs his hips to drill in deep and straight. He holds the prisoner by the elbows to keep him from wriggling away. When Bird does have his hands free, he grabs the bars in front to keep his ass pushed back, catching every hard stroke. Duncan moves the tight little stud to an adjacent sling and crams his cock in. the leather seat rocks back as their muscled bodies ram together. With legs spread wide and Duncan's thumb stuck into his mouth, Bird starts to beat his dick faster. The Top Cop fucks a creamy wad out of Bird, lets loose with a sticky splatter than drips down his captive's nuts and well-fucked crack. Bird confesses to Duncan the info he needs, "It's the Samurai!" and the cop scoots off.
Release Date2020-02-07