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The Yoga Instructor

I sat there next to him in nothing but my underwear. I felt the cold yoga mat on my thighs, his breath on my neck, and his fingers pressing tightly on my shoulders. This calm ambiance was nothing I've experienced before. I've been feeling tense all week. Fucking all these guys has really overworked my muscles. I was in another state of mind. It was a nice change to get a break and just relax spiritually. Next thing you know, I felt his fingers massage my cock. I didn't expect that, underneath that cool Zen exterior was an aggressive kinky dominate. The calm setting instantly turned into a hot, steamy, body-to-body experience. He pin-pointed my pleasure points and took my mind, body, and soul on a spiritual experience. Watch me get a good rub down in this week's episode "The Yoga Instructor," featuring Alex and me.
Release Date2013-08-12