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Alex Chu's Erotic Sessions: Episode 3 - Micah Brandt

Micah Brandt's regular trainer bailed on his workout day and with nowhere else to turn, Micah was lucky enough to get Alex Chu to help him out. After a few quick tips and some serious spotting, Alex makes his move on the ripped stud in front of him. "Put your weights down," Alex commands softly and as Micah does as he's told, Alex helps him out of his shirt. Micah likes what he sees when Alex follows suit and soon the hunky client is on his knees in front of Alex. He takes Alex all the way down his throat as he bends over and offers up his ass for Alex to train as his own. Alex slides inside his gorgeous new gym buddy and pumps away until he fucks the cum right out of Micah's big fat cock. When Alex sees that's he's fully pleasured Micah, he gives himself permission to let go and blasts a massive load of jizz all over Micah's face and in his wide open mouth. It was a long and hot workout session and the two studs bask in a job well done as they kiss the cum away.
Release Date2018-02-23