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Kink 5: Fun With Tickle Me Trevor

What is a more delightful way to enjoy a bit of gentle kink than starting off your hot fuck with a bit of tickle torture? Shen Powers and Trevor Northman are horny guys who are making out, but decide to up the ante with some tickling mixed in with deep kissing and wrestling for position. Helpless giggling and broad open smiles heighten the growing erections inside their well-packed thongs. And the insidious thing about tickling is that just when you think it's over and it's time to get serious about fucking, the temptation is irresistible to dive in and tickle the armpits one last time. Trevor and Shen's bodies quiver and shake with muscular exhaustion and glow with a sweaty sheen after a hard period of tickling each other.

But once Shen yanks down Trevor's briefs and sees his hot ass, playtime's over and he dives in to rim his tickle captive, merge their bodies together in a different way. Trevor grabs the back of Shen's head and pulls him closer into his hungry crack. He feels a tongue flick across his sensitive pucker, writhes with each deep sensation. Shen pulls off the thong completely, positions him at the edge of the leather bench and thrusts in. Opened up thoroughly, Trevor turns Shen onto his back and rides the stiff cock to the hilt.

Finally Shen flips Trevor onto his back, pins his legs up and prods into his hole hard and fast. Trevor can't take any more and shoots all over his tight abs and fuzzy pubes. Shen pulls out to fire off a cum cannon that showers his tickle buddy with a creamy spray, then kisses him and licks up the juicy puddles.
Release Date2018-11-02